About Me


Kathleen Adams is an activist, feminist, producer, and entrepreneur. Kathleen is the co-founder of Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen: The Soup Kitchen for the Hip Hop Soul (MHHK), a multifaceted hip hop event designed to showcase women artists, especially women of color. MHHK serves as a social justice community-organizing platform that educates and empowers women of color on issues that impact their lives, including HIV/AIDS and reproductive justice. MHHK is currently in its 8th year and is proud to promote the theme of “Enough is Enough!” for the year. Each year’s theme is different and focuses on various community issues.

Kathleen has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and is working on numerous projects at the moment. Her love of the hospitality industry has bloomed, and she is the marketing partner for various restaurants such as Corner Social, Galway, and Angel. Additionally, Kathleen is currently developing two restaurants in Harlem, Strike! Uptown, and 5 GastroPub.

Academically, Kathleen double majored in women’s studies and urban studies with a concentration in architecture and a minor in environmental policy from Fordham University. She also received her Master’s in Urban Studies from Fordham University.

Philanthropy is pinnacle in Kathleen’s life. Currently she serves on the Board of Directors of the non-profit Advocates for Youth, an international-based organization that focuses on sexual and reproductive health rights of young people. Additionally, she is an active member of the Apollo Theater’s Young Patrons group. Kathleen has been served for the past nine years as a member of the New York Junior League, and currently serves as the Vice Co-Chair of the photography and archives committee, in which she volunteers weekly with.

Kathleen is always looking for her next adventure. As an avid traveler she has had the opportunity to travel to over 35 countries.

Kathleen was born and raised in Shaker Heights, Ohio before moving to New York City over 10 years ago. Kathleen is proud of her Midwest upbringing where she honed her impeccable work ethic by watching the elder in her family. Kathleen’s family motto is “TCB”—Take Care of Business, and Kathleen tries to uphold this motto daily through giving back to the community and by working hard.